Become a Featured Brand in NRG Store

Why sell online with NRG Store?

NRG Store helps individuals and businesses increase their sales and reach new customers – complimentary to their existing business.

How does it work?

At NRG Store you are in control, it is essentially your shop. We fulfil orders and manage the whole process. We consider our clients as partners; we aim to work together to increase sales and brand awareness while offering the best and highest quality products to our customers.

The first step is contacting our brand team who will talk to through the steps on how to get started.

What is in it for NRG Store?

At NRG Store we obtain a percentage per sale of each item which is agreed internally with our partners, this covers delivery charges, our labour costs and of course puts bread on our table.

Benefits of selling on NRG Store

  1. NRG Store offers our partners the opportunity to sell their products online without the huge cost of setting up their own e-comm.
  2. NRG Store never sleeps; your business can operate 24/7 while you catch up on those important z’s.
  3. NRG Store allows you to reach a wider audience, which in turn generates more sales opportunities.
  4. NRG Store team are available to support you through every process, our motto is ‘’ allow us to make your life easier’’, now doesn’t that sound good?  We manage the process from start to fulfilment.
  5. NRG Store offers lots of marketing opportunities. With a large number of prime ad space on our site, it allows you to promote your brand and products. Plus many other marketing opportunities.