Crime Stoppers Security

Security by NRG Store has teamed up with Crime Stoppers Security which is a leading Cork Security Company and 100% Irish owned. Crime Stoppers Security leads the way with a new type of protection for your home without the need for an alarm. Payment is through a monthly subscription service covering Cork City and Suburbs. This unique service offers extra support for people alone at home or just extra peace of mind.

Crime Stoppers Security provides all aspects of security, including technology services, and products to protect you, your home and your business 24/7. All our patrol officers are PSA, wearing personal body cameras while Dash Cameras are fitted to the patrol vehicles. Security Drones are also used for large areas giving an ideal birds-eye view on your home or business.

€25.00 including vat per month and no contract
Includes 1 daily patrol around the area
Includes 2 response calls a month
*T&Cs apply

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Crime Stoppers Clients

Crime Stoppers Commercial Services

  • C.C.T.V.
  • Automatic Gates
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Intercom Systems
  • Access Control
  • Fire Alarms
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Site Security Systems for 24 hours protection.

All our C.C.T.V. systems can be monitored by you or our control center giving you 24hr protection and peace of mind. All our products are covered by a 12 month guarantee and at all times we try to buy from Irish suppliers promoting Irish jobs.

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