DIY Job’s You Could Do At Home This Weekend.

Beat the boredom this weekend by doing some DIY jobs at home.

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak we have come up with these 10 simple DIY jobs you can do at home now with some more free time.

We all have those things that we say we will do but they never get completed, well now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get cracking. DIY can feel like a chore at times but taking the initiative to get things done will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

  1. Hanging a picture.

To liven up your home décor why not add some art pieces, cool prints or family photos to your walls. To do this you will need

  • Spirit level
  • Picture hook and nail
  • Hammer

Mark in pencil where you’re going to put the nail to hang your picture, gently tap in the nail with the picture hook attached. Place your picture and be sure to use the spirit level to make sure it’s straight and you’re good to go.

2. Put up a curtain rail

Putting up a curtain rail is relatively easy; it’s the measuring part that is the hard part. It needs to be absolutely perfect to avoid your curtains sliding to one side. (Slight exaggeration), you will need

  • Tape measure
  • Curtain rail
  • Drill
  • Suitable screws and rawl plugs
  • Step ladder / a sturdy chair to stand on
  • Spirit level

First, measure where you want to place your curtain pole brackets, make sure they are not too far apart, and mark the points with a pencil. Before you begin drilling, make sure the brackets are level, otherwise, your rail won’t hang straight.

Once you are ready to begin to drill your holes and fill with your plugs, you can now attach the curtain rail brackets before adding the rail – simple!

3. Cleaning the windows

Did you know cleaning windows can introduce more light into your home? With of course the added benefit of squeaky clean windows. Mixing up a cleaning solution free from harsh chemicals couldn’t be easier. Here is what you will need.

Window clean used for blog content nrg store smart builder
Window Clean
  • Water
  • 80ml White Vinegar
  • A drop of washing up liquid
  • Paper towels or newspaper

Mix your water, vinegar, and washing up liquid into a spray bottle or a dish and with some elbow grease give your windows a good rub down. Easy peasy

4. Fix a squeaky door

Is there anything quite as annoying as a squeaky door? Luckily it is one of the easiest things to fix. Squeaks are usually caused by friction in the hinge; here is what you will need.

Door hinge image used for blog content
Door Hinge
  • WD-40
  • Kitchen roll

Take your WD-40 and spray little by little on your door’s hinges, use your kitchen roll to stop excess running down onto your flooring, be especially careful if you have carpets. As your spraying move the door slightly to make sure it reaches all the crevasses. For use on internal doors only as the oil can damage PVC surfaces used usually on external doors.

5. Add a simple lock

Fitting a lock is really simple, really it’s all about measuring. Here is what you will need

Lock Bolt
  • Door bolt
  • Screws
  • Drill

Place the door bolt against the door, drawing around the perimeter as well as where the screws need to go. Make sure it’s level and then drill a set of  holes where the screws will go. Screw the bolt part to the door using the holes you’ve just made (if they’re straight, that is).

Now you can line up the part of the bolt that sits on the door frame, drill your pilot holes as before and attach

6. Fill old, small picture holes

Little holes and dents in your walls can be an eye-sore, spend less than 15 minutes filling them for a smooth even wall surface.

  • Wall filler product
  • Spatula
  • Sand Paper
  • An old rag or cloth

Add a small amount of wall filler to your spatula and gently press it into the hole. Do this until the hole is filled. Use your rag to clean the spatula between each use. Once the filler is dried, use the sandpaper to smooth down the rough patches. Paint and you are done.

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