NRG Pro Leasing Finace Powered by Grenke
(up to €500k over 5 years)

NRG Pro Leasing Finance

NRG Pro Leasing Finance Powered By Grenke Leasing is here to help make doing business easier – you can lease any items from our store!

NRG Store have teamed up with Grenke Leasing to provide attractive leasing terms tailored to your needs!

Purchasing outright ties up much needed capital that could be used elsewhere.
Leasing allows you to maximize your funds and upgrade your business requirements.

  • Fast turnaround time – 20-minute credit decisions
  • 100% finance on assets – no upfront payment required
  • Payment within 24 hours
  • Local teams – offices and sales team throughout Ireland giving your personal support
  • Independence – bank- and vendor-independent – your business, your choice
  • Maximum flexibility – free up much needed cash to retain your liquidity for further investments
  • Simple, fast processes
  • eSignature – secure, fast and convenient
  • Customer online portal – secure and personal for your convenience