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NRG Store Marketplace Partnership Program

Whether you’ve already got an established business but want an online presence or already have ecommerce you’ll find the NRG Store Marketplace a perfect fit. With more than 20,000 products and services increasing daily we can help you increase your online presence. You can find out more about NRG Store here.

What Are Your Benefits with NRG Store?

  • NRG Store offers our partners the opportunity to sell their products online without the huge cost of setting up their own e-commerce.
  • NRG Store never sleeps; your business can operate 24/7 while you catch up on those important z’s.
  • NRG Store allows you to reach a wider audience, which in turn generates more sales opportunities.
  • NRG Store team are available to support you through every process, our motto is ‘’ allow us to make your life easier’’, now doesn’t that sound good? We manage the process from start to fulfilment.
  • NRG Store offers lots of marketing opportunities. With a large number of prime ad space on our site, it allows you to promote your brand and products. Plus many other marketing opportunities
  • Expert E-commerce development team uploads your products or services online
  • Account manager for you to work with and reach out to based in our Cork HQ

What Are Your Benefits with NRG Store Commercial?

A B2B marketplace combining the value, convenience and selection consumers have come from Commercial by NRG Store with a range of unique benefits and solutions tailored to businesses.

Commercial by Store get access to all existing customers and the additional opportunity to grow your sales to new business customers of all types and sizes. Now live in Ireland, Business is the new online sales channel for your products.

  • Reach new business customers using our commercial tools
  • Tailor your business to offer increased sales conversions
  • Deliveries handled by the NRG Store delivery team
  • Benefit from high visibility with tailored business offers and lower fees
  • Benefit from Outside Sales Teams around Ireland
  • Benefit your commercial finance through market leading commercial finance by NRG Store.

What Are Your Benefits with NRG Store Finance?

As we work with our finance partners not only do we help your customers with finance, we can help your business with commercial finance to grow your business.

  • Working capital for your business
  • Purchase extra stock
  • Investment or upgrade to your premises
  • Hiring new staff or advisors
  • Enjoy 15% discount on service purchases with your partnership program by NRG Store.

Here’s how to take that next step – simply fill out the form below to arrange a discussion with our Founder Patrick Hogan to discuss the needs of your business.

NRG Store Fulfilment Centre

Fulfilment by NRG Store provides our NRGStore Clients with order fulfilment service which allows our clients to outsource their pick and shipping needs while meeting all government regulations during Covid 19 service quickly, easily and cost effectively so they can focus on building their business.

As your ecommerce service partner we are in the best position for your pick and ship service is a critical element in your offering and a key competitive advantage in you winning and retaining customers.

Our Order Fulfilment services can involve some or all of the following:

  • Bulk storing the product or products for distribution.
  • Stock control through our groundbreaking ecommerce portal based in Ireland.
  • Securing, packing, labeling and addressing the consignment.
  • Shipping the consignment to customer by our delivery
  • Ordering and securing replacement stock.
  • Recording complaints and processing returns
  • Electronic track, trace and proof of deliveries are provided for all cartons/pallets dispatched.

Keep us all healthy by staying home!

Taking You International with NRG Store

Grow your business globally and engage customers worldwide while entering new international markets, improving your current global presence. Since launch NRG Store has already delivered globally, in a short time, delivering to the UK, United States, Europe, Russia and Dubai to name just a few.

NRG Store Founder Patrick Hogan has a track record of successfully launching Irish products into new markets. He recently traveled to the United States to discuss our 2021 Plans for expansion into this marketplace with our unique model of products and service.

We are here to help you onto the global journey!

    “Partnerships are the way to grow businesses, we buy products and services off people not companies so let’s bring that personal touch to ecommerce”

    Founder Patrick Hogan