Desiree Smart Home



Desiree Villa is custom designed in every aspect. From exterior outlook to small details inside you will find creative solutions and materials to achieve unique house. This Smart Home is especially designed and honed for compact living. Depending on your needs the villa will make an ideal home or a retreat.


The villa has been designed and engineered to last. From body to skin durable and fine. Strong structure, triple glazed windows, natural wood parquet and solid wood terraces. Adding Desiree Villa’s timeless design and you have house that stylishly resist time.

Desiree Smart Home Villa Interior showing Bedroom and Downstairs


Desiree Smart Home BAthroom Design
Desiree Smart Home Villa Plan at Connecting with Nature


Breathtaking panoramic views, healing natural light and closeness to nature. The latest technology windows are energy efficient and durable. Need some extra privacy? No problem, push the button and roll down the blinds.


Desiree Villa approach to “Smart home” differs from others. “Smart home” means for us a home that does things for you instead of forcing you to become an IT operator for your house. Desiree Villa takes care of your energy savings, keeps your air fresh and helps you with lighting.

Desiree Smart Home Villa


Desiree Smart Home Kitchen Design


  • Building Construction – thermo-panel structure
  • Insulation – based on region of delivery (high energy efficiency)
  • Windows – based on region of delivery (tripple glazed in Northern regions)
  • Facade – composite panel & natural wood
  • Ventilation – high efficient ventilation system with heat return ratio of 95%
  • Heating / cooling – different options for low energy consumption heaters + readiness for solar energy
  • Roof – 2 layer SBS with PVC
  • Interior finishing – specially designed decorative wall system, natural wood parquet and stone tiles
  • Furniture – custom designed kitchen and built in furniture (optional)
  • Sanitary – sinks, toilet, taps included; bathtub (optional)
  • Lights – general interior and exterior lights
  • Electrical fittings – high and low voltage wiring, sockets, switches
Desiree Smart Home Lighting

Full Lighting Concept

Elegant and functional lighting. Inside and outside.

Desiree Smart Home Low Energy Costs

Low Energy Cost

Energy efficiency is standard within our Desiree Villas. Smart homes make for smart energy saving.

Desiree Smart Home Recognition & Rewards

Rewarded Design

Desiree Villa is rewarded as “The best prefab house of the year” and “Innovation of the year”.

Desiree Smart Home Fixed Budget

Fixed Budget

No hidden costs. Ready to get bank financing.

Desiree Smart Home Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Smart Design Houses are pre-built indoors to meet the highest building standards. House kit ready to ship within 4 months.

Desiree Unique Installation

Unique Installation

The house kit is engineered for easy and quick installation.