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NRG Pro Benefits

As a professional you want to reduce costs, improve your image and grow your business. With NRG Pro we are with you all the way from purchase to install.


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Exclusive Member Benefits

Dedicated Pro Portal

Bring solutions tailored to your business needs available 24/7, Pro Portal account allows you to purchase, track and save and organize all your purchases on your phone

Delivery When You Need It

Our delivery options ensure your products get to the jobsite so your project stays on track.

Buy Online & Pick Up in our Office

Get in, get out and get back to the job

Key Account Manager

Feel safe that you are being looked after by one of our team based in Co Cork

Pro Order Support

We take care of all your product sourcing and support you all the way

Pro Trade Finance

Projects can come in all shape and sizes we help with the ground breaking Pro Trade Finance up to 150,000 euros a project over 24 months. Sign up today!

Pro Plus

Is your partner for you’re project we project manage it all for you while you do the important complete the job to high standard and get you paid on time. We manage the contracts and payment. We manage the customer contact We manage all the tax with RCT so don’t have to.