NRG Store August Top Product Picks

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Can you believe it’s officially autumn?

Although I think we can all agree summer never really happened but hey, ho at least we got good wear out of our warmers! We’re back again this week to bring you our first instalment of our NRG Store Top Product Picks of the month!

How exciting?!

Each month we will continue to bring your our top picks and why we have chosen them! Let’s take a look below.

First up we have the incredible…

1. Fitbit Versa

NRG Store August Top Product Picks - Fibit Versa

The Fitbit Versa Fitness Watch offers you personalised insights to help you work towards your fitness goals, while reaming a stylish and comfortable watch that you’ll want to wear all day. A long lasting battery, accessible notifications, and unique tracking functions help give the Fitbit Versa a personal and connected feel.

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2. Igloo Home Smart Keybox 2

NRG Store August Top Product Picks - Igloo Home Smart Keybox 2

This one we love! The Smart Keybox is ideal for lots of different reasons due to its versatility in usage.

For those with a second home, rental property or an Airbnb space, having a backup key to get inside is always a plus. There are those of us who often need an extra key at home as well, and we all know someone who likes to hide one under a front door mat or under a flower pot. Igloohome smart keybox protects that extra key to ensure only those you want to have access to can get inside. It works through a mobile app where guests retrieve keys when you can’t meet them. The smart box opens through pin code opening the device. You can store up to six physical keys, seven keycards —and frankly anything you want that fits insideThe box is extremely easy to install,and can be mounted or secured using the slim shackle and supplied screws.Check out the video to see how it works!

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3. BOSCH 4 Piece Kit

NRG Store August Top Product Picks - Bosch BAG+4DS 18V 4 Piece Kit GSB GDR GKS GLI With 3X4AH Batteries

We chose this product as it is the perfect combination of equipment weather you are a professional working in the trades sector or a DIY kind of person at home! Bosch has the best price and performance ratio among professional cordless equipment with a stylish carrier bag for each product it is an all in one perfect as a gift or indeed to treat yo’ self!

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4. DYSON V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

NRG Store August Top Product Picks - Dyson V11 Animal™ Vacuum Cleaner

This year, Dyson’s engineers tweaked the motor’s designcompared to its previous V10. The motor still runs at a mind-blowing 125,000 rpm, but they’ve introduced a triple diffuser and made the rotating blades longer, thinner, and with a slightly different S-shape. These changes are meant to improve airflow efficiency, increase suction, and reduce the noise. Dyson claims they give it 20 percent more suction power than the V10.The V11 also has an LCD screen. It sits at the top of the vacuum and lets you toggle between Eco, Auto, and Boost mode.Not only that but the overall design of this vacuum is reason enough for us to recommend this product. It just looks so fancy!

Who knew vacuuming could be so fun!

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5.Briody 1600 Visco Mattress

NRG Store August Top Product Picks - Briody 1600 Visco Mattress

Our team had the pleasure of testing out a couple of mattresses recently in the Living Dreamz show room (no it wasn’t like that..) and this one is particular took us all by surprise! The comfort was incredible we each wanted one for ourselves.

The i1600 Visco Mattress in the Innergy Range combines Briodysunique In-House Manufactured Pocket Spring Interior with layers of Irish Visco Memory Foam for luxurious cushioning night after night.

What more could you ask for?

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