NRG Store Launch

NRG Store Officially Launches!

The NRG Store team were delighted to host the official launch event, July 22nd 2019, in Republic of Work.

In attendance we had numerous like-minded business attendees as well as our CEO Mr. Jim Brennan of Sea Box and Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney.

We introduced NRG Store to our attendees as well as introducing new and exciting additions to our business.

NRG Store is an online shop that specializes in Home Improvements, Furnishings, Appliances, Trades materials plus much more. We also have numerous services readily available at our customer’s finger tips from business services to domestic applications.

NRG Store Launch - Jim Brennan (CEO Sea Box Group), Lauren O'Donovan (Head of NRG Store),  Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney and Patrick Hogan (Group managing director of NRG Store)
Jim Brennan (CEO Sea Box Group), Lauren O’Donovan (Head of NRG Store), Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney and Patrick Hogan (Group managing director of NRG Store)

NRG Store is the first on-line sales portal in Ireland for the construction and plumbing sectors – we also have a new app to make purchasing even easier for consumers, business and construction professionals. Billed as the “Amazon for the industry”, NRG Store offers thousands of products from an initial 20 retailers and services specializing in home and commercial improvement retail.

NRG Store, a division of Sea Box Group, will provide Ireland’s first all-inclusive click-and-delivery service for anyone interested in construction, renovation or home improvements. €1 million has been invested into the development of the NRG Store website and app, which will result in the creation of twenty jobs over the next 24 months.

NRG Store Launch - Lauren O'Donovan, Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney and Patrick Hogan
Lauren O’Donovan, Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney and Patrick Hogan

NRG Store’s solutions have been created following consultation with tradesmen across Ireland to identify how deliveries can impact efficiency.

Patrick Hogan, Group managing director of NRG Store says:

As a professional you want to reduce costs, improve your image and grow your business. Through the NRG Pro section on the website, we offer support for builders from purchase through to install. We offer multiple shipping options including just-in-time and direct delivery to sites across the country. There has already been significant interest from industry, and we believe the introduction of our new app will make using NRG Store even easier.

NRG Store Launch - John Minihan (LIBA), Kieran Barry (LivingDreamz), Tánaiste Simon Coveney TD and Michael Mulcahy (LIBA)
John Minihan (LIBA), Kieran Barry (LivingDreamz), Tánaiste Simon Coveney TD and Michael Mulcahy (LIBA)

NRG Store offers an end to end service, including:

  • Access to a wide variety of providers at competitive prices
  • Partnership with Financehousescreating Trade Finance & Business Finance with up to 500,000 euros available
  • Speedy delivery of product, even from retailers who do not sell online
  • NRG Biz – our commercial sales channelwill helpbusinesses small and large to source products and service at the click of a button
  • Provision of tradespeople to install technology sold on the site through a partnership with
  • Our unique “Smart Builder” app, an online quotation system that helps both builders and property owners manage the cost of construction and renovation.

At NRG Store we have plans to expand quickly into other markets in EMEA, supported by its parent company Sea Box Group.

NRG Store Launch - Pádraig O’Donoghue, Lisa Lisa Jordan (Content Creator) and Alan Mackesy (Sea Box Group)
Pádraig O’Donoghue, Lisa Jordan (Content Creator) and Alan Mackesy (Sea Box Group)

As mentioned NRG Store has partnered with a number of finance houses to offer those in the trade a series of finance options, providing real working capital to make progress in business happen.

Lauren O’Donovan, Head of NRG Store says:

The availability of credit options through the website has proven extremely popular with early adaptors. Our customers have to work hard to meet deadlinesand finish on time, so providing easy credit options has helped reduce delays, promote business and keep their customers happy. Removing road blocks in the way of business.

That’s all from us!

Until next time, #YourNRGStore

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Pictures courtesy of: Michael O’Sullivan/OSM PHOTO