Andorra 7kW Exclusive Grey

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Thorma manufactures a range of highly functional multifuel & woodburning stoves that are ideal for the more modern/contemporary rooms

Distributing to over 20 countries throughout Europe, Slovakian manufacturers Thorma stoves rise to fame has been fast and well deserved. Established in 1998, they are recognised for manufacturing economical and environmentally sustainable heating solutions. By combining a practical and cost effective approach to stove manufacture, Thorma’s appliances are noted for their high energy efficiency, and low entry cost, with both wood burning and multi-fuel options proving popular.

It is hard to speak about Thorma stoves without discussing their strong sense of style; their contemporary stoves raise the bar on modern stove design making them ideal as a statement piece for your home.

The Thorma Andorra 7kW Exclusive Grey is one of the products that we stock here in Stoves Direct Ireland.


Nominal heat output [kW] 7,5
Regulation range of unit [kW] 3,8÷11,2
Heating capacity [m3] 98 ÷ 200
Fuel – wood
Fuel – lignite briquettes
Dimensions (h,w,d) [mm] 1200×540×540
External air supply
Flue pipe diameter [mm] 150
Upper pipe connection
Net weight [kg] 95
§15a B-VG
BlmSchV 2
Flue gas flow – wood [g/s] 6,9
Flue gas flow – lignite briquettes [g/s] 8,9
Chimney draught [Pa] 12


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