AQT 40-13 Bosch High Pressure Power Washer

Toss Bryan


The Power of this washer makes it suitable for a whole range of tasks, from cleaning windows,Bikes, Patio Furniture, your car and even your Patio.The Bosch AQT 40-13 includes a patio cleaning attachment to help clean up your patio or footpath. It will remove stains and moss. It has a water flow of 400l/h making it quicker and easier to clean your car. The pressure washer is simple to set up and ready to go straight out of the box. It uses quick connect fittings.It also boasts a height adjustable handle which makes it easier to move the pressure washer around on its rubber tyres. The handle also folds so storing it away is alot easier. The power of the motor is 1.700w and the cable length is 5m. The length of the hose is 6m. The overall weight of the pressure washer is 6.53kg. This product also features an auto stop system which is why it has low energy consumption and reduced noise emissions because the motor switches off when released. This is a solid pressure washer from a well respected company.It offers both power and performance and will tackle challenging dirt and grime.Every house should have one.