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DMA 14-11 Automatic Hands-free Temperature check

NRG Essential

The DMA14-11 is designed for all businesses who have staff and customers on or visiting their premises.
Temperature checking and control of staff and visitors is now a must have service for the foreseeable future.
We have introduced two products which are accurate and reliable to fill this new requirement.


Sensing time as low as 0.5seconds /throughput up to 50 people a minute.

The DMA 14-11 may be situated almost anywhere indoors. Once set up and calibrated the DMA 14-11 will give an accurate temperature reading (+ or – 0.2 degrees) when a person presents the forehead within 5-15cm from the eye of the DMA14-11.
Once a person comes within the range of the system the measurement is automatically logged with a digital display and a low audible tone can be heard if a person is over the “normal” temperature range.
The System can be installed almost anywhere internally as it is battery operated, so mains power is not a requirement, but mains electricity can be a great convenience if available nearby.

Unlike many systems advertised online, the DMA14-11 is sensibly priced and comes with a 12months warranty.
The unit is small neat and can be attached to a wall or glass panelling or free standing on pedestal. Install is simple and can be done by regular maintenance on site or by us at an extra agreed price.
Dowshu is an Innovative Engineering & Design Company since 1998.

Technical Information
Accuracy: 0. 2 degrees (+ -)
Abnormal Temp: Audible warning & flashing neon
Measurement Distance: 5-15CM
Standby: 1 week +
Power: Battery 5Vdc / USB connect for continuous supply
Operating Temperature: C & F
Response Time: 0.5/s
Infra-Red Measuring Range: 0/50C
Dimensions: 170x115x140
Screen: Digital display
Standby: 5s (Red Dot Dynamic range)
Weight: 350g
Ce Certified