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EPH-EMBER Pack – Smart Heating Control

EPH Controls

EMBER is a free App used to remotely control the heating system in any house with WiFi directly from a mobile device. To comply with building regulations, all new houses must be fitted with programmers, thermostats and motorised valves. The EMBER Pack contains the Programmer, Thermostats and Gateway.

Simply specify our RF range of controls instead of traditional hard wired programmers and thermostats. This in conjunction with a Gateway will allow you to control your heating system directly from your mobile device.



Ember Pack App, Programmer & Thermostat PricingClick to enlarge image

Benefits for you as a developer

  • Works with both motorized valve and circulation pumps.
  • Easy to install with less wiring than a traditional hardwired heating system.
  • Provide a premium service to your clients and allow them to monitor and control the
    heating system from their smart devices.
  • No subscription charge or annual payment to you or your clients.
  • Developed by software engineers for the UK & Irish markets and with a 5 Year Warranty.
  • Training can be provided to installers at no added cost.

How to use the Ember Pack App, Programmer & ThermostatClick to enlarge image

The RF programmer sends an RF signal to the RF thermostat. If the RF thermostat is calling for heat it will send an RF signal back to the RF programmer which will switch on a relay and open the motorised valve or turn on a circulation pump. The valve or pump will in turn switch on the boiler.

Not only can you control your heating system with the EMBER App, you can also switch internal or external lighting circuits.