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Flat Racks

Sea Box EMEA

40′ x 8’6″


End wall folding flush with the floor
50 ton gross or more
Lashing beams set into the floor
Removable end walls for vehicle loading
Spare parts available worldwide
Commonly and readily available for leasing
Four units fold into 8′ 6″
7 high stacking at 30,480 Kgs
External Folded Dimensions: 2′ 1 1/2″/648
Internal Dimensions: Wall Panel to Panel: 39′ 11 1/2″/12,180, Mid-Post to Post: 38′ 2 47/64″/11,652, Platform Width: 7′ 3 41/64″/2,226, Height at Post: 6′ 5″/1,955
Stanchions: 6 sockets per side size 85mm
Lashing bars: 12 x 5000kg per side, 2 per end
Cross floor lashing: 4 x 2m per floor each with: 6 x 5000kg lashing bars, 8 x 2m chocking slots
Floor: 45mm softwood planks 6mm gaps
Gooseneck tunnel: both ends
Fork pockets: 115 x 360mm
Twistlocks: 1 piece forged lift element, 30 degree stainless steel detent
Header locks: 2 per end semi-automatic
Corner locking: hammer locked conical pin
Counterbalancing: leaf spring or coil
Removable ends: optional use as ramps
Approvals: ABS, LRS, BV, UIC, CSC, TCT