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Flat Racks

Sea Box EMEA

20′ Flatrack with Ramp on Both Folding End Walls


Both end walls fold outward to serve as a ramp with the additional wheel ramps for ease of loading trucks
Ramp end walls are counter balanced for 2-man operation
Storage pockets are provided for one set of wheel ramps
Both end walls folding flush with the floor
30-ton gross weight
Spare parts available worldwide
Designed for vehicles with 10,000 lbs. cap. (per axle) on both ramps
Standard Marine Paint (Color: RED)
Floor: 45mm softwood planks, 6mm gaps
Fork pockets: 115 x 360mm
Twistlocks: 1 piece forged lift element, 30 degree stainless steel detent
Header locks: 2 per end semi-automatic
Corner locking: hammer locked conical pin
Approvals: ISO + CSC
9 High Stacking Gross Weight: 48,000

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