Hand Sanitiser Gel – 100ml x 48

48 Units Per Box

Our 100ml hand sanitiser is perfect for when you are on the go and can easily fit into your pocket or handbag.


  Benefits & Features

  • Great gel viscosity, this is not a liquid rub or spray.
  • 70% Alcohol content effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Contains  Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil and a range of other essential skin care ingredients.
  • Quick dry formula, no water or rinse required.
  • Certified by the Irish Department of Agriculture with approved PCS No: 100562
  • Complies with BS EN 1500: 20013, BS EN 1276:2009, ASTM E2315


Herbal Therapy hand sanitiser gel has a 70% alcohol content ensuring it kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, while also containing Aloe Vera and many other essential oils and herbal ingredients.

Aloe Vera contains natural moisturisers that help retain moisture on dry and rough skin. The Aloe Vera in our hand sanitiser will remain and form a protective layer on your skin after use.

Linalool is a colourless liquid with a soft, sweet odour. It occurs naturally in many essential oils and has a soft, sweet scent.

Lavender Oil is an Anti-inflammatory Superstar. It is used on the skin to help reduce redness and it’s anti-inflammatory properties make it great for soothing and healing irritated skin.

Essential oils have many antiseptic properties.

Vegetable glycerin is a clear, odorless and sweet-tasting liquid derived from vegetable fats. It offer’s health benefits, such as moisturised and resilient skin.

Propylene glycol is used on the skin to retain and preserve moisture.