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Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S


Code: 121-IGB3


  • UNLOCK MECHANISM – Bluetooth, PIN code, Physical Keys, Thumb-turn
  • BATTERIES – 4 x AA Alkaline (Non – Rechargeable)
  • DOOR THICKNESS – 35mm (1-3/8”) to 60mm (2-3/8”)
  • APP-ENABLED – Grant access to your home even when you’re away. With the igloohome mobile app, create PIN codes or bluetooth keys, and select how long you want them to be valid for. Send them to your visitors from the app.
  • SECURITY – Be sure you’re secure with Auto close. Igloohome has Door sensors that will detect when the door is closed and the deadbolt with auto lock

Mobile App Enabled

Grant Access When You’re Away: With the igloohome mobile app, create unique PIN codes or Bluetooth keys from anywhere in the world.

Choose How Long You Want to Give Access for: The validity period of PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized for each visitor. Choose to give hours, days, weeks, or permanent access.

View Access Logs: Access logs are provided to enable users to track when visitors come and go. Greater visibility allows for greater peace of mind.

Sync with Airbnb: Igloohome integrates seamlessly with Airbnb allowing hosts to synchronize their listing calendars with their igloohome account so that PIN codes are automatically generated and sent to guests, at no extra charge.

Security Features

Security Lockout Mode: If an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the Deadbolt 2S will go into security lockout mode and stop operating for 5 minutes.

Timed Re-Lock: Select the duration (in seconds) before the lock automatically locks, regardless of how it was unlocked.

Privacy Mode: Prevents Electronic entry from the outside.

Tamper Alarm: A built in alarm will alert you if intruders attempt to pry the lock from your door.

Emergency Jump-Start: When the lock batteries are drained, an external DC9V battery can be used to jump-start the lock.