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Toss Bryan

Product Specifications

The Titanium 701 Plus from the Lacunza brand is a sturdy stove with a modern look. The stove is available in black and in white. There is a choice of different colors for the sides of the stove: black, red and white. The stove is suitable for heating a room of 189 m3. The Titanium is equipped with 2 extra air channels for distributing warm air to other rooms (suitable for rooms of 125m3), remote control and a system for a good circulation of the air flow. All warm air that arises is directed outside as quickly as possible. The built-in potentiometer ensures the correct adjustment. In addition, the Titanium has an adjustable hot air outlet at the front.

Maximum log length55 cm

Stove dimensionsD 493 B 760 H 897 mm

Weight157 kg

Power8.5 kW

Flue gas dischargeØ 150 mmEfficiency79%