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Make Up Revolution Glitter Kit

McCormack's Pharmacy

Make Up Revolution Glitter Kit


GLITTER KIT from MAKEUP REVOLUTION. A set of makeup comsetics. Designed for people who like shiny, glittery finish. It contains 4 products (eyeshadow palette, glitter, glitter glue and lip gloss), which will give each make-up a pinch of character and shine. The set can be used to emphasize everyday makeup and to create an amazing look for special events. The set is perfect for both professional and private use . Perfect as a gift for a loved one.

Glitter Eyeshadow Palette – a palette of metallic satin and glittery eyeshadows.
Glitter Glue – glitter glue.
Glitter Paste – gel glitter in a golden shade.
Glitter Lip Gloss – transparent, glitter lip gloss.