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MicroBull – PRO II 200 23 HP

Clever Agri

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The microBull® is an innovative tool holder combining compactness and power. On the one hand, it’s very particular drive train gives it both stability and traction, giving great load capacity with a bucket and pure pushing force, On the other hand, its dimensions make it a machine accessible to every task, inside or outside. Ideal for landscaping, renovation works, cleaning out horse boxes, …

  • Width of 75 cm
  • Lifting height of 200 cm
  • Length of 190 cm overall (with a multi-service bucket)
  • Weight of 695 kg
  • Vanguard engine twin-cylinder 23 HP petrol
  • Hydraulic pumps 15 + 15 + 30L / min
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Professional Tracks (180 mm wide)
  • 2 speed
  • Ground clearance of 10 cm
  • Standard hydraulics
  • Professional two-component paint
  • Manufactured in France

Used in a wide variety of applications


– Cleaning out pens (sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, poultry, …)

– Surface cleaning

– Dig holes for fences

– Move straw/hay bales

– Maintain farm boarders cutting hedges

– Maintain farmyards, leveling lane ways



– Loading and moving

– Leveling floors

– Rotovating

– Dig holes with the auger

– Floor prep, burying stones

– Cleaning pick up trees / branches



Clear rubble

– Move blocks, cement bags, …

– Prepare and move concrete (mixing bucket)

– Level a floor

– Dig a trench

– Fill trenches

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