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Mill 1200W Glass Panel Heater WiFi

Mill Heating

Code: 122-AV1200WIFI


Control all your heaters situated in multiple locations (home, cabins etc), all inside the Mill heat app. You can control all your heaters via the same user, regardless of where the heaters are situated. Set individual temperature for 3 different modes in each room. Control your heater independently by not assigning it to a specific room and program. This gives you the freedom to move the heater between rooms, according to your needs.

Heating Technology in Scandinavia
Scandinavia, known for its long winters and cool climate prefers convection heating; cold air is heated as it goes through the heating element, the hot air increases in volume and rise, making room for new cold air to come through, efficiently heating up the room.

Product Features:

  • Silent operation
  • Super accurate thermostat
  • Advanced thermostat control
  • Temperature calibration function
  • Elegant design with glass front
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