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Mill Oil Filled 1500 Radiator WiFi

Mill Heating

Code: 122-ABH1500


Mill AB-H1500DN is a great allround heater. This model will keep your rooms heated at all times. It has an advanced day/night program, which enables you to lower the temperature when your are not there. You can actually save up to 25% of your power consumption by doing this. It has a total effect of 1500W.

If you are looking for something that can make your interior look awesome, and at the same time give you the pleasant warm feeling during the winter; then you need the new generation oil filled radiator from Mill! Mill Oil is an innovative oil filled radiator with the most modern technology. It has an elegant design that can make any place look astonishing. Mill Oil boost the heat distribution to a great extent and provides a comfortable warm environment. In addition it does not dry the air.

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  • 1500W
  • Mill Heat Boost Technology
  • Beautiful design
  • Tip-over switch (the heater turns itself automatically off if it tips over)
  • Over heating protection (the heater will turn itself off if it gets over heated)
  • Easy to use control
  • Aluminium feet for that extra quality
  • 3 heat settings: 600/900/1500W
  • Colour: Mill White
  • Size: 34,4 * 15,0 * 65,6 cm (Width * Depth * Height)