Mill PTC Fan Heater 1800w

Mill Heating

Code: 122-CUS1800MECWA


Mill PTC Fan Heater 1800w gives extremely rapid heat over a big area. This means that they quickly will help you to increase the temperature in even your living room. We use a powerful motor to disctribute the heat as far as possible. In addition, Mill Fan Heaters are equipped with PTC heating element. The advantage of having a PTC element is that you will get a much lower surface temperature compared to other types of heating elements, which means they burn much less dust.

  • This instant heating source will rapidly heat up your space. The fan passes cold air through the heating elements, which results in hot air leaving the heater and warming up the surrounding space.
  • Easy to move around and easy to store for warmer periods – small size
  • The heater has a total effect of 1800W and with two heat settings: 1200/1800W.
  • Tip-over switch and over heat protection
  • Placement cord outlet: Back
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