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NRGz ZONE 4 Package (with Wiring Centre & Pumps)


These NRGz ZONE packages contain the manifold, wiring centre and pumps:
1 x NRGz ZONE 4 System Manifold
1 x NRGz LEX SCM System Control Module
2 x NRGz Ecocirc (4 to 6 m) High-Efficiency Variable Speed Pumps


The NRGz ZONE 4 Package comes with the NRGz ZONE 4 manifold, the NRGz Lex System Control Unit and two NRGz Ecocirc BASIC 25-6/130 circulation pumps. This package is perfect for a two-zone system and it is suitable for systems using any heating appliances (boilers, stoves, heat pumps etc.).

The package also comes with free mechanical and electrical drawings customized to fit your system.

Remember to get one of our EMBER Packs to get full time and temperature control of your heating system. They easily integrate with the NRGz Lex System Control Unit in this package for optimal control and comfort. The EMBER Packs also comes with the free EMBER app so you can control your heating system from a mobile device when on the go. Ember Pack 2, 3 and 4 all include two-zone programmers and would go perfectly with the NRGz Zone 4 Package.


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