Roidmi ROIDMIS1E S1E Handheld Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – White

Easy to change roller
Concentrated air flow
Tangle-free comb
Powerful suction
Long lasting battery
Efficient dust removal
Up to 40 minutes run-time


Special design for tasteful people. Super, simple and beautiful.
White and grey
Elegant style for any room
The ROIDMI S1E cordless vacuum cleaner is user-friendly and equipped with ROIDMI’s 270° ergonomic grip handle for perfect manoeuvrability and easy access to hard-to-reach areas.
1.3kg lightweight design
Perfect lightweight design with optimised cleaning technology and powerful suction. Whether you vacuum up, down, under or over, ROIDMI S1E delivers effortless deep cleaning around the home.
Tangle Free system
Low maintenance, easy to clean
The Tangle Free system and innovative roller design effectively prevent hair tangling around the brush, sending hairs directly into the bin.
Easy to change roller
Concentrated air flow
Tangle-free comb
Perfectly balanced in the hand
Clean your home from top to bottom
The S1E’s ergonomic design reduces the burden of cleaning. The 270° handle offers a wide range of hand grip positions, reducing pressure on the wrist and making cleaning easier. The S1E balances perfectly in the hand while the floor head keeps in constant contact with the surface for true deep cleaning.
40 minutes deep cleaning on a single charge
The S1E’s high-tech battery pack features six premium lithium cells that deliver up to 40 minutes run time on a single charge. Boost your cleaning power in the dirtiest areas with the Max power mode for up to 10 minutes of extra-powerful suction. The S1E will fully recharge in just 2.5 hours.
Powerful suction and innovative air flow technology
Perfect dust separation and anti-clogging system
The optimised air duct design, with large, smooth inlet and multi-level cyclone system, work together to ensure a powerful pickup, effective dust separation and no loss of suction.
Multiple stage filtration avoids clogging
Maintains long-lasting suction
The multistage filtration system captures 99% of dust down to 3μm, including allergens and pollen for a cleaner, safer home environment.
Easy tool attachment
Simply push one button to swap between cleaning heads and tools for any cleaning task.
Revolutionary new roller brush and sealed floorhead design deliver unrivalled cleaning
Integrating a soft velvet surface and rows of soft fibres, the new S1E roller brush is suitable for any floor type. The soft surface attracts and lift dirt from carpets, tiles and laminates and is gentle enough to use on wooden floors.
Say goodbye to dust mites
The perfect deep clean
Dust mites are invisible to the human eye but can cause swelling, pruritus and folliculitis. The electric mattress brush effectively eliminates dust mites and dander from fabrics, protecting your skin and respiratory system.
Flexible, low-profile floorhead for unrivalled cleaning in hard to reach areas
The innovative, flexible floor head cleans low under sofas, close into corners and makes it easy navigate around your home.
Charging and storage combined
2-in-1 Magnetic Wall Mount
The ROIDMI S1E’s magnetic wall mount stores the cleaner upright to maximise your storage space. Integrated charging means simply clicking the S1E into the dock to store and charge simultaneously.
Key Features
Powerful suction
Long lasting battery
Efficient dust removal
Up to 40 minutes run-time
10 Minutes Max Power mode for increased power
Magnetic docking station
5 year motor guarantee
Multi-level filtration, catching 99% of dust
Lightweight 2.4kg machine
Noise level: 83 dB(A)
2 year warranty for peace of mind
What’s in the box?
ROIDMI S1E vacuum cleaner
Cleaning head
Mattress brush
Multifunction Crevice tool
Carbon Fibre roller
Metal connecting rod
HEPA Filter
Power Adapter
Cleaning tool
User manual