Rointe Milos Underfloor Heating for Ceramic Flooring


Milos underfloor heating for ceramic flooring.



With BEAB approved heating elements, the Milos underfloor heating solution combines EFTE interior insulation with PVC exterior insulation. Suitable for ceramic flooring, the Milos system has 3.5mm bi-conductive cabling on a fibreglass mesh and there’s no need to raise the floor level when installing. It’s resistant and flexible with adhesive bands secured within the mesh. The Milos underfloor heating system is an invisible, space saving alternative to other heating systems and utilises radiation and convection for even and efficient warmth.

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  • BEAB approved heating elements
  • Heating cable diameter: 3.5 mm
  • Resistant & flexible mesh
  • Adhesive bands within mesh
  • Adaptable to uneven floors
  • Suitable for ceramic/tiled floors
  • Easy to install
  • 300cm coldtail power cable
  • Internal insulation: EFTE fluoropolymer
  • External insulation: EPVC
  • Floor protection: aluminium
  • Spacing between cables: 80 mm
  • Power: 150 W/m2
  • Mesh width: 500 mm
  • Insulation panels available
  • Compatible with ST.2 & CT.2 thermostats