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Modular Medical Treatment Facility

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The Modular Medical Treatment Facility is comprised of expandable rigid-wall containers with bright white interiors, this hospital complex is outfitted with the latest in combat medicine technology.

The uniqueness of the medical treatment facility is typified by its flexibility. At its core, the design is based on globally accepted shipping standards, making it easy to transport (via air, sea, truck and rail). Additionally, and equally important, it is modular and reconfigurable. The entire facility can be arranged as necessary to operate afloat within the cargo hold of Military Sealift Command Ships (MSC) or ashore.

The CB-MTF will provide Primary Surgery, Resuscitative Trauma Surgery, Critical Care, Oxygen Generation, Blood Operations, Laboratory, and associated ancillary services (i.e. command & control, medical logistics support, administration). The expectation is to expand this core hub to include staff/patient accommodations (sleeping quarters, etc.) and other hospital resources.

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