Sea Box Energy EV Charging Station

The Sea Box Energy EV Charging Station (EVCS) aims to meet the challenges facing Ireland in the future.

The number of Electric Vehicles (EV) in Ireland is expected to increase significantly in the future; this will require better availability of charging points. The amount of charging points has to increase as well as the spread.

There will also be a shift in both the transport and the heating sector from fossil fuels to electricity. This shift will both increase electricity demand and the demand for a cleaner electricity generation. Higher demand for clean electricity will mean a higher demand for renewable energy, particularly photovoltaic (PV) and wind. Both PV and wind energy are electricity sources whose output change significantly throughout the day. They can overload the electricity grid at times, or they might not be able to deliver enough electricity at other times. To overcome this problem batteries are needed to act as a buffer, to even out the variation in energy generation.

Sea Box Energy’s EVCS aims to face these problems by providing an easy solution for clients to install a large intermodal battery pack as well as EV charging points in one go. The EVCS consists of a containerized battery pack that is builtoff-site and EV charging points connected directly to the battery pack.

Sea Box EV Charging Station

The size of the battery pack and the number of charging points can be specified by the client. The battery pack can be charged from a local renewable energy source like a wind or a solar PV farm, or it can just be charged using cheaper night rate electricity.

The battery then works as a buffer for the electricity grid and helps improve the resilience of the Irish electricity infrastructure. The charging points are supplied directly from the battery pack to ensure maximum utilization of renewable energy or the night rate electricity. This cheap electricity is then sold to the customers using the charging points.

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