What’s Coming Next on NRG Store?

The team is always working on expanding our product range. At the moment we have a lot of new brands and suppliers coming on board which is very exciting.

So you might ask, well what’s next? Let me tell you.

1. Building Materials

Soon to be added to NRG Store is a large range of building materials, supplies and everything in-between.

Brands will include Evostik, Everbuild, N&C, Cementone & Kilsaran to name a few!

The Construction & Trade sector is an area which we are very passionate about. If you didn’t know, we have a sister company Sea Box Energy which specializes in bespoke heating systems & engineering, so we know a thing or two about this area.

The idea of us bringing these materials online is to allow tradies to create a more productive work day by no longer wasting time in a merchants picking out items. Very soon you’ll have the opportunity to order products directly from the couch at home!

We conducted a survey where we found over 60% of people in this sector wish they had more time… Don’t we all!

2. Flooring

Building Materials Including Wood & Tile Flooring at NRG Store

Another area we are expanding on is our wood & tile flooring.

We all know how important it is to put your own mark on your space; choosing the right floor can be a task, especially if there are multiple opinions coming into play. Therefor, with this in mind, we are expanding our ranges in both tile & wooden flooring so you can find your perfect match.

Wood & Tile flooring choices for you new kitchen/dining space

So what do you choose for your new kitchen/dining space wood or tile flooring?

Tiling the Floor

Well there is no straight answer, tiles can be more practical as they are easily cleaned, they do not stain easily and also there is the cost. Usually tiles are cheaper than wood flooring but not in all cases. Atheistically, tiles give a more modern feeling to most homes and they also do not bare allergens.

Tiles in turn then can also be quite hard and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, tiles also are much heavier than traditional wood flooring and cannot be installed everywhere. Installation for tiles can also be somewhat more difficult as there is grout, adhesives, mortars plus more time involved.

Wooden & Laminate
Traditionally hardwood and laminate flooring doesn’t just add to the look of your new home it can also increase the value of your home.

Wooden flooring is easily maintained and usually stands the test of time. Now wooden floors are available in so many different looks, stains, tones, size and even type that it is impossible to not find something you like.

They can be both modern with ash, cool tones and more traditional with deeper, rich warm tones. Wooden flooring can now be installed in no time with less messy fuss, especially with click lock systems.

This also means it is much easier to switch up the look of your home.

Wooden & laminate floor tiling

With all the fantastic pros of the above one thing to mention is that wooden floors are also easily scratched, if you have four legged friends this is something you may need to consider for the longevity of your flooring.

Ultimately the choice comes down to your personal taste and it’s something you need to spend time on choosing.

That’s all from us on that one, we’re really excited about showing you all the our new product ranges coming to NRG Store very soon!


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