Why “NRG” Store?

Hi Everyone!

You might have wondered why “NRG” Store – well today’s blog post is going to tell you all about us and what NRG stands for.

The company was first created through an idea by Managing Director Patrick Hogan when he embarked upon buying his home.

A running joke in our office is when Patrick says “I was just thinking” most of the time we don’t know whether to laugh or cry (…Just Kidding Patrick). His thought process was sprung on through the stress of renovating, buying and building your home.

Patrick Hogan (Group managing director of NRG Store) speaking at the NRG Store launch with Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney and DC Cahalane (CEO of Republic of Work)
Patrick Hogan (Group Managing director of NRG Store) speaking at the NRG Store launch with Tánaiste Mr. Simon Coveney and DC Cahalane (CEO of Republic of Work)

Google says the top 5 most stressful experience in one’s life are;

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • Major illness or injury
  • Job loss
Couple stressed about moving to their new home

You see that? Top 3! Anyway that’s why NRG Store is here to save the day!

NRG Store is a place where home owners can come for refuge in the knowledge that the services we provide and products we sell are made to ensure your life becomes easier.

We have spent a lot of our time meeting with our suppliers and service providers creating partnerships with the same goal of 1. Ensuring our customers are happy and 2. Ensure our suppliers are reaping the benefits of their partnership with us. Everyone wins!

Another side to NRG Store in the beginning is our focus on tradesmen who can use NRG Store to “Work Smarter – Not Harder’’. The idea being that those who are trade focused can waste less time in shops sourcing materials for their jobs and instead shop them through our online platform where they can be delivered directly to site. This in turn allows for a more productive work day for these tradies’.

We added product ranges from the likes of Altecnic Caleffi, EPH Controls, Fiorini and Vokera by Riello just to name a few.

Not only that but we have also created an online “NRG Pro – Account” where tradesmen can log in and access benefits such as ‘Pro Pricing’ on goods and services. Plus the addition of financial support through our finance options – this allows them to ensure their business keeps moving forward without waiting for invoices to be paid.

Apply for your NRG Pro Account

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Oh and P.S NRG stands for “New Retail Generation’’ but …that’s for another post.

That’s all from us folks!


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